Harvest Life

We provide mobile home trailers for our employees to live in. Bedding and towels are furnished, and all food is provided when working. Food is available in the trailers to fix your own breakfast. The cooks prepare the noon and evening meals while everyone is working. Lunches may be hot or cold. The evening meal is warm and may be eaten in the trailers or in the field, depending on the weather and the location.

We work long hours. Weather and cutting conditions vary. These are the same two items that warrant time off. We harvest a little barley, but mostly wheat during the summer months. In the fall we harvest dry edible beans, corn, soybeans, and millet.

When you come to work, plan on working the whole harvest season. Approximate times consist of April/May through November. These dates vary with the weather and ripeness of the crops.

We’ve had an array of employees over the years on our crews. They have consisted of people from Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, and South Africa, as well as U.S. citizens.

This job requires hard work day after day, but it also can be very rewarding and enjoyable if you do what is expected of you and make the most of the experience.